la “casa senza mura”

Hobo ArtClub, e  la “casa senza mura” delle arti, ci farà pensare, viaggiare, riflettere, mangiare, leggere, vivere e sognare.

Hobo ArtClub is a music and Performing Arts Bookshop located in the heart of Pigneto. Rome’s most selective bookshop of sheet music, scores and books. Our staff can answer your inquiries, check the availability of titles and place special orders.

Our Cafè serves a wide range of goodies from herbal tea and homemade deserts to aperitivi and dinner – all organic. Excellent selection of wine, home brewed beer, soda and coffee drinks.  Summer juice bar and blended fruit drinks – ask for natural energy suppliments such as wheatgrass to be added.

Art and photography exhibits. Live music and small theater events. Streaming TV. Wi-Fi zone. Very casual atmosphere.

Aperto tutti i giorni, until 2:00 am.
via Ascoli Piceno, 3 Roma (Pigneto)