L’intervista di Francesco Accolla, Hobo: il vagabondo trova l’arte a Roma

Ho avuto modo di conoscere l’Hobo grazie ad una bellissima performance di Antonio Nobili. Ed è diventato un mio rifugio sicuro nelle giornate/serate in cui voglio godermi della sana aria artistica e del buon bere.

Non ho quindi perso tempo a chiacchiere per il Bicchiere Di_verso con il poliedrico Francesco Accolla.

Full Article… http://ilbicchierediverso.menstyle.it/26/hobo-il-vagabondo-trova-l-arte-a-roma

Welcome & Benvenuti!

We are three people dedicated to researching, experimenting and creating our own unique flavors. We use products from local farms and take pride in hand-picking all our ingredients. We offer a vast selection of wine from Italy and  select the best by specializing in cantina’s that are not part of large distribution. This method allows us to bring something special directly from the producer to our customer.

Hobo ArtClub is a Music – Performing Arts Bookshop and Gallery. Our Café is open until 2:00am / 7 days a week.


Francesco Accolla

Founder & Owner, Composer

Interview by il Bicchiere Di_Verso on Menstyle.it


Rino Bianchi

Food & Wine Consultant, Photo Journalist

Aimee Jackson

Media & Web Content Manager,  Painter